Jun FutamataとSalyuがコラボレーションした楽曲のMusic Video.企画演出、Art Direction、3DCG制作まで1人で完結させた作品

"Where did things with life and things without life diverge? Where did those with souls and those without souls separate? What is the difference between the oceans and rivers that cover the earth and the heart and blood vessels that carry blood? where did we come from? Knowing that the composition of a mother's amniotic fluid is almost the same as the composition of the ancient Earth's oceans, this song was born from the combination of images of the ocean where life was born and the water membrane of the mother's body. The performance by the Siggi String Quartet & Magnus Johan, who was moved to tears by the beauty of the recording, and the unique sound and exquisite fluctuation of singer Salyu, whose singing voice has long fascinated her, create a depth that transcends time and gender. I would be happy if you could experience the tingling sensation of the charm of Salyu's singing voice right after the recording, and the sound of the strings and piano that moved me to tears." To be included in Iceland recorded album to be released this fall.


Produced by Jun Futamata
Written & Lyrics by Jun Futamata
Arranged by Jun Futamata, Naoyuki Honzawa
Vocal by Jun Futamata, Salyu
Piano by Magnús Jóhann
Strings by Siggi String Quartet
Una Sveinbjarnardóttir(Violin)
Gunnhildur Daðadóttir(Violin)
Þórunn Ósk Marínósdóttir(Viola)
Sigurður Bjarki Gunnarsson(Cello)
Recorded by Francesco Fabris(Greenhouse Studios), Naoyuki Honzawa
Mixed by Naoyuki Honzawa
Recorded at Sigur Rós Sundlaugin Studio
Mastered by Kentaro Kimura (KIMKEN STUDIO)
Musicians Coordination by Yuka Ogura, Miki Nakamura
Music Video Directed by Takuya Matsumoto (TAUMA IMAGE)
Special Thanks: Hiroshi Usui, Ryuichi Ishimaru, Junpei Koyama, Hiroki Morishita, Takashi Shirayama, Keisuke Nishikawa

ClientMVServicesCocept / Planning / Direction / Camera /Editing /Post Production/Color Grading

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